Spirit of Place

Although I am inspired by the essence of many places, I especially connect to spirit while in nature. Nowhere is there a more perfect place to me then the outdoors. It is more than physical landscape that captivates. Birdsong, waves crashing, the distant hum of bees. A shady path of through tall trees, filtered by the afternoon sun. Nature is turn-key. The earth comes together from gathered parts to make a better whole.

My paintings suggest elements of land, sky and sea. I notice the million shades of green in a swath of trees. The many-colored layers of mountains in the distance and how they overlap like a soft blanket. How the sea changes from diaphanous green to tempest black. Clear water and invisible air moody with atmosphere.

The layers I build are like re-occurring visits to favorite places. Circling back time after time, something is always a little different and overlaps with the past. With mark making and words I record a journal of my intuitional travels.

In my work, I hope to invoke a feeling of stepping into an experience that seems familiar yet a little otherworldly. Observational suggestions of personal places long remembered.

Painting is the way I represent feelings in a visual form.
I am interested in understanding the hidden effect that an experience has on someone. Personal reactions to events both personal and global. Engaging in the process of painting is to unearth and record unspoken thoughts as a tangible representation of understanding life.
The layers I create represent buried engagements in a tactile way. Each piece is built with coats of paint, mark making with pencils, chalk pastels, pens and texture using paper scraps. I work on several pieces at the same time so a dialog is created, a conversation happening between the paintings that serve to create a story and allow thoughts to coalesce.
Making art, and especially abstract art, gives me a voice and the freedom to be intuitive, gain self-awareness, have insights, and observe external perceptions without being literal but rather lyrical. My work continually evolves and every piece is a personal time stamp of emotional evolution.  

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