Vital Waters

Powerful yet serene, beautiful but dangerous. Boundless and mysterious. Humans have always been interwoven with the sea. It plays both a practical as well as a spiritual role in many cultures. Diving into unexplored depths or sailing along the waves like a dolphin or splashing through froth and foam on shore. Our oceans provide practical and recreational resources unlike anything else.

The pieces in this series are an exploration of the sustainability of the world’s ecosystems and its interconnectedness to our own innate fragile experience as human beings.

Our earth and our experiences on it are in a balance of mutual action and relationship.

Each organism, whether it is the sea or a human being, is bound to the other through the complex unseen.

The worlds waters, much like the way the bloodstream flows in our bodies, transport the energy that cleanses, nourishes, and purifies all parts of like as we know it. The waters of the world are the circulatory system of the earth. Without water; plants, animals and humans cannot survive. It is the one vital thing we need to sustain our life.